Frequently Asked Questions

We know that doubts arise with translations. We know how hard it is to trust someone online, we know how valuable the document you need to translate is. We have gathered the most common doubts and questions and maybe it helps you to take a look at them. If not, we are here to answer your questions.

What is a sworn translation?
Why do I need a sworn translation?
Which documents can be translated by a sworn translator?
How do I know if a sworn translation is legally valid?
What are your rates for sworn English translation?
How do I pay for my sworn translation?
Do you need the original document to provide a sworn English translation?
How will I receive my sworn translation?
What is the turnaround time for a sworn translation?
In which countries is my sworn English translation valid?
I need a sworn translation into American English. Do you do that?
Do you translate other languages?
Where are your offices?

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